Finnish Chambers of Commerce

The Finnish Chambers of Commerce consists of 19 regional Chambers of Commerce and the Finland Chamber of Commerce. In total, the regional Chambers of Commerce have more than 20 000 business and community members employing approximately 60 % of the people working for Finnish companies. In Finland, the membership in a Chamber of Commerce is voluntary. The Chambers of Commerce primarily finance their operations by membership fees.

The Finnish Chambers of Commerce provide guidance and education, and what is more, protect the common interests of different industries, and promote business operations on regional, national, and international markets. In addition, the Chambers of Commerce are responsible for a range of public services: the Finland Chamber of Commerce approves and monitors auditors, auditing firms, and goods inspectors, appoints mediators to resolve disputes between companies, confirms foreign trade documents, awards medals of merit, and maintains and develops the GS1 barcode system. The Finland Chamber of Commerce Council of Fair Trading issues statements on improper business conduct.

The regional Chambers of Commerce approve and confirm foreign trade documents.