The assignments of Kymenlaakso Chamber of Commerce

  • To improve the operationing conditions of industry and commercial companies in Kymenlaakso region
  • To promote entrepreneurship, healthy competition, international ambitions and market economy in the Kymenlaakso region.
  • To improve the common interest of business in the Kymenlaakso region and improve co-operation between business and authorities.
  • To take initiatives and give statements on matters relating to industry and commerce.
  • To issue press releases, to produce and publish economical information, to provide education and training for companies, and to conduct research in promotion of entrepreneurial activities.
  • To attend to all of its public responsibilities according to the Chamber of Commerce Act.

The Members of Board are annually elected.

There are seven committees operating in close co-operation with KCC. They serve as the essential bodies in promoting the common interests. The members of committees are selected yearly among the members of KCC.