About us

The Kymenlaakso Chamber of Commerce is an organization operating on behalf of companies and the province.

About us

Our history

The Chambers of Commerce are organizations operating on behalf of companies and the business sector in general striving to protect the common interests of industries and commerce and to promote business operations in regional, national, and international markets.

Kymenlaakso Chamber of Commerce has taken on the mission to develop the Kymenlaakso province and especially improve the prospects for business operations. We possess a strong influence in the region, and through our actions help in making Kymenlaakso more attractive and promoting the competitiveness of the local companies and enterprises.

Kymenlaakso Chamber of Commerce has approximately 550 members in seven municipalities (Kotka, Hamina, Pyhtää, Miehikkälä, and Virolahti in southern Kymenlaakso, and Kouvola and Iitti in northern Kymenlaakso).

The members of the Chamber of Commerce are companies, municipalities and cities and public administration organizations.

The mission of the Kymenlaakso Chamber of Commerce

The most important task is to jointly strengthen the success and growth conditions of companies and the vibrant province of Kymenlaakso.

Focus areas

• Promotion of traffic conditions and infrastructure in Kymenlaakso
• Promoting educational conditions and workforce availability in Kymenlaakso
• Supporting the successful and renewing business activities of Kymenlaakso area companies and enterprises.

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